Monday, March 18, 2013

Help me SMS

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Welcome to the homepage of the most 

essential life-saving application!

We are proud to present:

This application allows you to call for help by sending SMS message with your exact location (determined using the Google maps services accuracy) to a pre-selected contact of your choice (you can always change) in a click of a button.

The user on the other side, which is the person actually receiving this sms, can hold any kind of a mobile device that supports receiving text messages regardless of operating system, and his cellular provider.

Whether you want to get help at home or you're stuck with your car in the middle of nowhere, this app is right there for you.

The message will be sent to the other side just as if it was typed by a person.

If the user wants to share his location discreetly without discussing it on his mobile (for example: in cases like burglary), using the app will save the user from talking out loud to get help, avoiding unwanted attention..

The application is actually a kind of a panic button that's inexpensive and portable which is a huge advantage over a regular panic button that is not portable, and can not be quiet and discreet as this.

It is highly recommended to run the application when 3G (cellular provider's data plan) is enabled.

All you have to do is to click the red button, and that's all! help is on the way.

If you didn't fill a number in the settings page, the application will automatically re-direct you to the settings page to easily fill in a contact's number, or, you can choose a contact from your phone's contact list by clicking the blue icon.

Following is an example of a typical sms message received by the 'Help me sms' service, address is actually a link to any navigate app that already installed on your device, this helps the rescuer by navigating to the destination in a click of a button !

Get it on Google Play